Yes, absolutely! Relife Super Alkaline Water is highly recommended for the sanitizing of hands, and it's even safe for babies' hands. In fact, the inventor himself sprays himself before getting into a warm shower daily!
Relife Super Alkaline Water is a water with very tiny clusters full of hydrogen. It goes into the spaces between stains and objects, wrapping stain particles with negative ions and separating stain particles from the surface of objects. This also explains why it works as deodorizer as tiny negative ion clusters wrap particles of odor. Its very high alkalinity does not allow any germs to survive in it.
Relife can be used on virtually everything. It has been proven to be a great cleaning solution and sanitizer for stove, ovens, counters, kitchen filters, sinks, toilets, floors, walls, light switches, tables, chairs, utensils, plates, dishes, pots, pans, clothes, hands, face, skin, glass, cups, kettles, rice cookers, hotpots, TV monitors, computer & phone screens, and many other surfaces.
Yes! Relife removes pesticides, wax, and other chemicals that are in our fruits, vegetables, and other food products. Relife your fruits and vegetables before blending smoothies, before cooking a meal, and before putting it in your mouth. You will taste a world of difference in your food.
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