Drums can be made arranged depending on what you decide
Brix testing instrument is via hand held meters
Gel based hand sanitiser with flip flop cap and lemon fragrance 100m Rs. 25 200ml Rs. 50 500ml Rs. 125 5ltr Rs. 900 per can
Brix : 1-2, Usually around 1.2or 1.3 Acidity : currently don't know PH : 3.6-3.8 Sodium Benzoate : 1000pm Date of production : MADE TO ORDER Shelf life : 3 months @ 4C
Yes edible,pharma and cosmetic grade and Rs. 55 per litre
Not started yet. And they will not book any liquid or gel also
Difficult to send you sample. This is pulp
Price is Rs. 78 per kg +GST +transport
92% distilled aloe and 8% gel
Shelf life will be 6 months and 92% quality
92% distilled aloe vera juice with carbopol 940
Aloe vera powder - Rs. 11,000 per kg freeze dried,spray dried (inner gel, white, water soluble)
Without filtration, pulp is Rs. 39 per kg. Filtered clear liquid is 60 per kg